Drop Off Service

Drop off service is available during open office hours. Please complete the attached “client information” form; and drop off with all your necessary tax documents.

When we have all your necessary documents and information, we will complete your tax return. Our goal would be to complete your taxes as soon as possible, usually with-in one week.

Once we have your return completed, you will have the option to either pick up your taxes during our office hours or set-up a brief follow-up appointment to discuss your tax return with your preparer.

Digital Option

Digital Option is also available.

Just email us your request to, and we will email you a secure portal link.

You will send your tax documents and information via the portal. This can be as easy as scanning or taking a picture of your documents with your cell phone and uploading to the portal.

Your full tax return can be completed from the convenience of your home, no need for any appointments.

In-Person Appointment

If you prefer to have an in-person appointment; that option is still available.

You can call to schedule your tax appointment at 262-343-1800 or use this link to schedule:

Printable Forms

If you are a small business and/or have a rental property, please complete one or both of the following forms:

Schedule C Form

Schedule E Form

Client Information Worksheet

If you can’t print, we can mail you the documents or you can pick them up at the office.