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Personal Tax Planning

Planning is so essential with taxes. If you have had a job change, a change of income, new baby, new house, marriage, divorce, or anything different; it is so important to have a discussion on how these changes can impact your taxes. Don’t wait until tax season to see how these life changes impact your taxes; it may be too late to make the necessary adjustments. I am here to help!

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is made simple with all of your questions and concerns addressed. We prefer to have a face-to-face meeting while we prepare your taxes. We want you to be engaged through the process. This ensures that you get the answers you need, and allows us to obtain all of the information we need to prepare an accurate return. Drop-off service and Online Submission of information is also available. I am here to help!

Quarterly Estimates

Planning is essential for taxes. You may need to pay in quarterly estimates because of a significant change in your income during the year. Don’t wait until tax time and be charged unnecessary penalties. If you are a sole proprietor, it is also essential to plan with quarterly meetings. We are here to help!

Past Due Tax Filing

If you are behind on filing taxes, don’t wait any longer. Please make an appointment with me to work through this issue and get up to date. As an enrolled agent, We have access to the IRS database and will be able to obtain any missing documents from previous years that you need. Don’t be embarrassed; you are not alone in this struggle. We are here to help!

Audit Letter Assistance & Representation

If you get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or State Tax Authority, don’t panic and don’t pay anything until you have me review the notice. We will be able to review the notice(s) with you and explain what they are requesting and/or proposing. We can assist you with the correspondence between you and the tax authority. As an Enrolled Agent, we are certified to represent you in an audit if needed. Allow us to take the stress away from you; We are here to help!

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